How to Disappear

20:00 min |Category: Experimental |Year: 2020 |Country: Austria

Is it possible to desert in a shooter game? Along this question, "How to Disappear" reflects on war and game, discipline and disobedience. For the history of defiance is as old as the history of war - and yet the act of desertion goes beyond the game's space of action.

Shot in the martial yet picturesque war landscapes of the online shooter "Battlefield V", the hyperreal graphics become the backdrop for an essay-like narrative. The narrator's voice creates a crack through which physical-real realities penetrate the depoliticized fun stage of the game. Using performances and interventions in the digital battlefield, "How to Disappear" explores the scope and limits of the audiovisual entertainment machine.

  • Credits
    Director Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf
    Music Adina Camhy
    Sound Design Bernhard Zorzi
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