17:50 min |Category: Fictional, Drama, Family, Growth Set, Culture |Year: 2020 |Country: Turkey

Anush, a little girl, goes to borrow a wedding dress from a distant relative for her brother's wedding. Leyla, a teacher, comes home as a second intruder. Leyla has just been appointed to the village school. She learns that the village school had been abandoned many years ago and that there is no children in the school age. On the other hand, Anush could not learn to write although he could read because her teacher resigned and left the village. Transportation between villages takes place once a day. Anush and Leyla are forced to spend the night in the same house. Will the two passengers get what they want despite the long road?



  • Credits
    Director Deniz Telek
    Producer Deniz Telek, Rabia KipEmre Pekçakır
    Scenario Deniz Telek
    Art Director Ahmet Faruk Varelci
    Music Hasmik Harutyunyan with the Shoghaken Ensemble
    Sound Design Kubilay Dallı, Mert Berkay Sünear, Yalın Özgencil
    Edit Doruk Kaya
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