Yağmur, Şnorkel ve Taze Fasulye

19:10 min |Category: Fictional, Drama, Comedy |Year: 2020 |Country: Turkey

It is just an ordinary day after thirty-two years. The son confronts the father with all his courage and tells him that he will not live with him anymore but will leave the house. His bag is on his back. He wants to discover both himself and a life he doesn't know. But, it will be much more difficult than he thinks to turn this desire into reality.



  • Credits
    Director Yavuz Akyıldız
    Producer Selen Gökçem, Zekiye Nurdan Arıtürk, Murat Karakaş
    Scenario Emre Yalçın, Yavuz Akyıldız
    Director of Photography Dilşat Canan
    Art Director Fatih Erdem Yonar
    Sound Design Ahmet Türk, Mehmet Güven
    Edit Murat Sercan Subaşı
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