Son Akşam Yemeği

13:00 min |Category: Fictional |Year: 2020 |Country: Turkey

The numbness and desensitization, which strengthens its place in human nature day by day, has become an undeniable fact of a pizza courier working in a pizzeria. Since the first day he did this job, he has known hundreds of people with all kinds of mimics by seeing them in the door sills for just a minute. At the end of the day, when the z report is entered, the pizza courier is unaware that the caller needs a witness when he reaches his final delivery. While carrying the hot pack with his usual cold attitude, his only aim is to finish another day.

  • Credits
    Director Selinay Güneş
    Producer Selinay Güneş
    Scenario Selinay Güneş
    Director of Photography Yasin Öztürk
    Art Director Bilgenur Sungur
    Sound Design Yusuf Akbal, Hasan Azze
    Edit Turan Kubulay
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