Bir Nehir Kıyısında

13:52 min |Category: Fictional |Year: 2020 |Country: Turkey

While a civilian group with a woman who is about to give birth were running away from Serbian genocide to the safe zone with a sizzling radio in their bag, with the dog barking they heard, they understand that they are not at the riverside, but at the side of another thing…

  • Credits
    Director Muhammed Furkan Daşbilek
    Producer Turan Haste
    Scenario Muhammed Furkan Daşbilek
    Director of Photography Mustafa Yeşilova
    Art Director Asim İsakoviç
    Music Tolga Çebi
    Sound Design Burak Erseçgen, Rıdvan Aytekin
    Edit Muhammed Furkan Daşbilek
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