Dur Bak Dinle Geç

14:46 min |Category: Fictional |Year: 2020 |Country: Turkey

One driver (Bekir) and two inspectors (Selim and Cagri) are driving to a firm to inspect. Bekir’s charger is half-working and he asks Cagri to get one from the firm they’re ahead. Selim hears his demand and gets angry about it since his demand also means a bribe relationship. During the trip, Selim hides his anger behind his humor and puts Bekir under pressure. Bekir’s mention of his children makes Selim thoughtful of his choices. While they’re inspecting the firm, Bekir struggles with his charger and throws it to the bin. After the inspection, Selim and Cagri come without a new charger and leave Bekir off duty. As they’re walking away, Bekir waits for them to disappear and gets out of the car to get his old charger from the bin.

  • Credits
    Director Muhammed Günaydın
    Producer Ecem Gündoğan, Canberk Emre İpek, Muhammed Günaydın
    Scenario Muhammed Günaydın
    Director of Photography Orkun Göntem
    Art Director İdil Özmen
    Music Uğuralp Yalçınkaya
    Sound Design Eren Tokluoğlu
    Edit Tunçer Şengün
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