11:00 min |Category: Fictional |Year: 2020 |Country: Turkey

The man is a murderer who kills people in exchange for The Water Of Life given to him. He takes photos of the certain people, at certain place and time, and steals the people’s lives he photographed by imprisoning the souls of them in a photographic film. In the ruthlessness and monotony of his work, he has lost all his human qualities over time and leads a life devoid of emotion. One day, when an ordinary young woman is set in front of him as a similar target, he starts to slow down his work. As the young woman notices him and smiles, he cannot perform the professional routine he is accustomed to. Then he begins to study the people around him, imitating their breathing, gestures, and expressions. When he begins to rediscover human emotions, he will have to make a choice between the life of the woman and his own.

  • Credits
    Director Saki Çimen
    Producer Tunahan Emre Bilgin, Saki Çimen
    Scenario Saki Çimen
    Director of Photography Ahmet Bayer
    Art Director Hülya Deryahan
    Music Uğur Ateş
    Sound Design Can Ülgenci
    Edit Tunahan Emre Bilgin
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