İyi Yemek Öldürür

15:00 min |Category: Fictional |Year: 2019 |Country: Turkey

Chef Arthur, who is very sensitive to nature, is entertaining an important jury for dinner. Arthur who does yoga and kisses his flowers every morning turns into another character when he puts the chef apron on. He turns the kitchen into a battlefield while trying to cook the best food for the juries. There is no trace of this naïve man anymore. Arthur who is not even able to hurt a fly does not keep away from murdering animals and sacrificing anything for flavour when he steps into the kitchen.

  • Credits
    Director Umut Evirgen
    Producer Emirgan Grup
    Scenario Umut Evirgen
    Director of Photography Veli Kuzlu
    Art Director Fırat Uçan
    Music Cem Öget
    Sound Design Serhat Seyis, İntepe Ses
    Edit Erkan Erdem
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